Sample Letter of Intent: Rhode Island

Dr. Superintendent,  Ph.D

Everywhere Public Schools

34 Spring Lake Avenue

August 05, 20xx

Dear Dr. Superintendent: 

Please be informed that the education of our child, Tim Smith (age xx), will be handled privately for the 20xx/20xx school year. 

We will abide by Rhode Island State Law 16-19-2 which requires that: 

1. The period of attendance will be substantially equal to that required in public schools; 

2. Attendance registers are kept; 

3. the required subjects shall be taught in the English language substantially to the same extent as in the public schools, and that the instruction of these subjects shall be thorough and efficient. 

We will teach and abide by all subject areas required by RI Law 16-19-2, 16-22-2, and 16-22-4.

Our curriculum is subject to change at any time, pending Tim’s needs. 

The resources I will employ in the implementation of his homeschooling program may include, but will not be limited to, some or all of the following:textbooks, cooperative classes, computer courses, online resources, onlineclasses, field trips, books, magazines, newspapers, encyclopedias, almanacs, and atlases. 

State law does not require that homeschooling families follow the public school calendar. Your office will receive a year end progress report upon completion of our school year upon request from you office. 

Thank you, 

Mike and Mary Smith

15 Main Rd

Everywhere, RI 02880