Founding Families

The Arnold Family

Julia and Dave live in Warwick with their son, and daughter. The Arnold’s have been homeschooling since 2015 when their son was of reporting age. Julia loves all aspects of homeschooling but believes raising good humans with a life-long love for learning is the best part of the “job”.

Before becoming a homeschooling mom, Julia attended Marshall University in West Virginia where she studied elementary and special education. Julia has been home with her children for the last 8 years and in the past co-chaired a mom’s group and was the director of a successful homeschool cooperative program. Dave works full time at a manufacturing plant in Quonset. The Arnold family has a passion for homeschooling and the community that is created amongst the chaos.

The Thompson Family

Kayla and Andrew live in Attleboro, Massachusetts with their two children. The Thompson family has been seriously homeschooling for 4 years, despite her son only reaching reportable age in 2018.

As a former public school teacher with a flair for the dramatic, Kayla is passionate about cooperative classes and community! An avid lover of Halloween, hilarity, flamingos and glitter–she is a sucker for a challenge! When she’s not at home with her children she can be found behind the counter of her family’s candy store or singing karaoke with her dad (or some of the founding families). Andrew is a software engineer who sometimes moonlight’s as a Coding teacher for our tech-minded kiddos in our cooperative!

The Coop Family

David and Tracie live in Pawtucket with their son, daughter and two dogs.  The Coop family has been homeschooling for 3 years. 

David really enjoys being a stay-at-home father and having a positive influence on his children’s education.  Before becoming a homeschooling dad, David had a career in both the public and private sectors.  After receiving his B.A. in Political Science and Masters of Science in Accounting from URI, he worked at a public accounting firm and then the IRS.  He recently retired from his position as a special agent in the Criminal Investigation division of the IRS. 

Tracie enjoys sharing her love of learning with her children and making it a part of everyday life.  Tracie has a B.A. in Political Science and History from Vanderbilt University, a J.D. from Suffolk University and an LLM in Banking and Finance from Boston University. 

The Coops enjoy spending time together and making their children’s education an adventure through camping and traveling.

The Daley Family

Beth and Mike live in Western Coventry with their three children.  Though homeschooling was always a part of their lifestyle, the first official year began in 2018.  Beth is a music teacher and taught grades K-12 in the public schools until her first was born.  Now, she teaches private lessons while continuing to perform with various local ensembles. Mike is a Senior Technical Programmer at CCRI with an interest in Robotics.

In the quiet moments, Beth enjoys playing music, reading, writing, drawing, painting, hanging out by the ocean, and soaking in memory making with her family.