Key Volunteers

Misty Kosciusko – Special Events Coordinator

Misty began homeschooling during the Covid pandemic. Prior to that her eldest attended public school during kindergarten and first grade while her husband worked as an engineer full time and she owned a Chiropractic and Functional Medicine practice.
Misty has always wanted more time with her kids but was not informed prior about homeschooling. After watching her oldest struggle in public school and distance learning, she decided to close her practice and dedicate her time to be home with her children. Her children have thrived since, even throughout Covid restrictions, due to the unschooling and being in nature with lots of free play. Last year Misty and her children, Lilly and Violet,  joined this co-op community and love it! This adds so much to their socialization, lifestyle, and education.
Misty can be reached at
Danielle Kasvikis, Web Master

When Danielle’s son was three years old she met several other homeschooling families and has been hooked ever since! Until now she has mostly unschooled and it has worked really well for them. The best parts of homeschooling have been the flexibility, having space for lengthy free play, the ability to keep learning fun and being able to keep things ‘slow’ and present. Homeschooling also allows them to regularly visit family in Switzerland, Austria and in Florida and also to take their converted camper van ‘Mobly’ out on adventures!

Before becoming a mom Danielle worked for 12 years as a Manufacturing Engineer. Her son also loves all things engineering and science which makes learning together that much more fun! She was certified to be a Holistic Health Coach and is interested in and passionate about all things natural health/living. She also enjoys skiing, hiking, tennis, biking, yoga, crocheting and traveling. Most of all she loves a good cuddle pile session with her husband, son and two pups.
Danielle can be reached at
Maribeth Vasconcelos – Lead Mentor

Maribeth is a former elementary school teacher and is forever grateful to be home educating her own children. She loves the flexibility and freedom of being able to create her own curriculum and explore the community. Her favorite part of homeschooling is being able to individualize learning and focus on various interests.

Maribeth and her two boys are often outdoors playing sports and especially enjoy trying new things. They love music, languages, reading and making new friends! They are so happy to be a part of the OSC family and are looking forward to a great year of loving learning!

Maribeth can be reached at

Samantha Ucci – Building Day Coordinator

Hi! Born and raised in Rhode Island, living in Coventry with my husband, 2 energetic and wild kids: Makenna and Sawyer, 2 dogs, cat and beehive. When I’m not dealing with a circus, you may run into us finding a new library to check out (see what I did there) or searching for a new playground to conquer. When I can finally relax after a long day, I have my nose in a book or making some craft. 

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Michelle Colburg – Social Media Manager

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Tracey Noonan – Co-op Celebrations Coordinator

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Michelle Jarbeau – Supply Coordinator

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Shannon Ruiz – Fine Arts Coordinator