Ocean State Cooperative was founded by four homeschooling families in 2019 with the belief that members should feel welcomed, valued and encouraged, while actively participating and taking ownership within our community.

At the center of our organization is a homeschool “Cooperative Program”. One day each week our members meet to participate in parent-led classes (4 periods).

Classes that have been offered by our members in the past include: Create-Your-Own-Storybook, Imagination Nation, Arthurian Legend, Jr. Explorers: Dinosaur Edition, Choral Ensemble, Sensory Experiences, Beginner Guitar, You’re So Dramatic: Classics, Creature Features, Everyone’s an Artist, Lego Challenges, Playing with Plays: Frankenstein, Art: Mixed Media, Chemistry Chaos!

Beyond the “Cooperative Program” members will have access to a member-led calendar. As it is a requirement each family host one event and attend one event each quarter, our calendar will be full of amazing opportunities.

Events may include: Beach Day, Playground Meet Up, Field Trips, Karaoke Party, Kid and “Dad Joke” Night, International Fair, Trunk-or-Treat.

When you join our organization, you will be joining a true Cooperative COMMUNITY–where all of our members are valued and take ownership within our group. We are creating a TRIBE of support, love and encouragement where meaningful relationships are built.

*We serve the Southern New England homeschooling community, including RI, MA, & CT.*

Ocean State Cooperative is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that was founded in 2019.

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