Membership Responsibilities 2023-2024

  1. All members 18+ MUST have a BCI or CORI check on file with the organization.
  2. All members MUST pay applicable Fees in a timely manner.  Unfortunately, there is no financial assistance available at this time.
  3. All members MUST host ONE (1) Qualifying Event* on the Cooperative Calendar each quarter.
  4. All members MUST attend ONE (1)  Qualifying Event* on the Cooperative Calendar each quarter.
  • Q1: January-March
  • Q2: April-June
  • Q3: July-September
  • Q4: October-December 

*Qualifying events include (virtual or in-person) informal playdates, non-structured meet-ups, field trips, classes, special events.  Events can be paid, free or fee based. Events can be all ages, restricted ages, unlimited or have a headcount cap.  If you would like support hosting your first event please reach out to a board member we will gladly help you in this endeavor.  

*Qualifying events must be on the calendar with AT LEAST 7 days notice in advance of the event.