2021-2022 Pricing

Membership Fee
Per Family 
$15 Annual Fee will depend on your anniversary date
Insurance & Technology Fee
Ages 3+
$30 per child Annual Fee due at time of
Cooperative Fees
Ages 5+
$50 per child Quarterly Fee
 -Due August 15 (Session 1)
-Due October 3 (Session 2)
-Due December 26 (Session 3)
-Due February 27 (Session 4)
Play-Based Preschool
Ages 2-4
$50 per child or
$35 sibling pricing* 

*Younger sibling of school-aged child
Quarterly Fee
 -Due August 15 (Session 1)
-Due October 3 (Session 2)
-Due December 26 (Session 3)
-Due February 27 (Session 4)

Please note: Preschool has SUPPLY fees built into the pricing. School-aged cooperative classes can carry UP TO $10 per class supply fees. (Supply Fees will be invoiced and due separately (August 25, October 12, January 4, March 8).

Optional Member-Led Calendar Events may have additional fees, which will be noted in the event description on the calendar.

Membership includes:

  • Peace of mind. As safety is our first priority, the adults in our community are required to have a BCI/CORI check on file.
  • Access to our Members Only Facebook Page for support and community.
  • Access to our Members Only Calendar of Events (classes, special events, field trips, etc.).
  • Access to our Zoom account to host OSC events.

*all payments are non-refundable.